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All In One Business Website

To be successful online, you need 5 key components in place. They are:

  1. Content Management.
  2. eCommerce.
  3. A Customer Database.
  4. Email Marketing.
  5. Reporting and Analytics.

At Fluid Pixels, we can combine all these components in to 1 fantastic package that can give you an immediate online presence and start attracting new customers. We give you a content management system where you can easily manage a blog, your products, your customer database and your social media. With an all in one package, you don’t have to waste time doing unnecessary admin. Instead, you can focus on managing your business.

Content Management

With content management, you can easily edit your website content and see a live preview of any changes you make. You can put yourself in your customers’ shoes and edit anything on the webpage. We also have a team of staff on hand should you want us to create and edit content for you.


Our eCommerce package is unlike any other website design company. This is because we can handle every aspect of the selling process from adding your products to sending them to your customers. Working with local partners, we ensure the customer has a great experience from browsing your site to using your product. We know how difficult some eCommerce systems can be which is why we use a system that makes it easy for you to add an unlimited number of products. We can also offer downloadable products.

Customer Database & Email Marketing

Building a relationship with your customers is important and using your database to target specific groups that may be interested in new products is key to increasing potential sales. We can set up email campaigns for you, whether it be a one-off about a product launch or a weekly newsletter. After we send the emails out, you have access to many statistics helping you to refine the content you send and increase future interactivity.

Reporting & Analytics

Working with Fluid Pixels means you get access to many metrics, statistics and analytics so you know what is going well and what needs improving. We can report on social media traffic and responses as well as give you reports on search engine optimisation and website traffic. Combining all the information we have on offer allows you to make sound business decisions.

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